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    Smart Inventory Management

    Our online inventory management system not just allow you to maintain effective inventory of stock/SKUs but its unique in a way that it help leverage available information for strategic planning and operational execution. It maximise on the available information about your manufacturers, product shipment duration, warehouse's effective utilisation for stock storing and delivery planning, stock status on one click and be able to drive high online business turn volume with effective pricing while maintaining minimum reduce stock in inventory.

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    Law Practice Management Software

    lawreach.in is an interactive online platform that makes it faster and easier to manage Case Dairy for your client any city / court in India, because you deserve access to first-rate, professional legal advice from the best Lawyers out there. We are on a mission to make the legal experience remarkable. By making legal services high quality, cost-effective and on-demand for every need.

    We are not a law firm, do not provide any legal services, legal advice or "Lawyer referral services" and do not provide or participate in any legal representation.

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    Online Food Ordering Portal

    Laafood.com is an online portal that allows customers to search restaurants online store and order food online. The innovative feature of portal is that it allows customer to order food from different restaurants in one transaction. Laafood not only expands the customer's 'dinning out experience' at the location of their choice, it also gives the restaurants a new shop front online at no cost; allowing the marketing cost saving to be passed directly onto the customers as a discounts.

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    Healthcare Information Solution

    Today's busy life demand more than 24 hrs a day...for sure that's not... With that in mind, professionals like you demanded mundane task to be automated. EscapeQ is a modular platform combining UI tools with cloud services to enable and automate private practice management process. The ESCAPEQ is the unified portal through which individual practices can manage day to day practice management activities. Different Subscription levels allow access to different ESCAPEQ functionality.

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    Book My Venues Management

    eJantri is the source to manage the business organisation like Social Community Hall, Social Lawns, Social Gathering Auditoriums, etc. This product provides overall solution about the Business Transaction, Customer Relationship, Define Taxation policy according to government norms with the business.

    Proper reports on the business summary, which define the profit loss statements of the business. i.e single platform which delivers different solution for business authorities and customers of business.